Baflan Manual Heavy Duty Restaurant Can Opener, Black. Made in USA




  • Efficiently opens cans of all sizes – you need not to worry with a manual can opener in the house. the opener is capable of opening cans and bottle caps of all sizes. this is a must have item in the house since how to open cans will no longer be a headache to you.
  • The can opener is gear driven - gear driven devices come with numerous advantages. having a gear driven can opener means you will use minimum energy when opening cans. the gears also bring a comfortable feel with them when using the opener. this makes the opener a top class device for everyone.
  • It is heat treated and zinc plated - the gears, cutter and feed wheals are heat treated and zinc plated. heat treatment ensures that no friction occurs when using the can opener which makes your work easy. zinc plating ensures that no rust attacks the opener. there is nothing better than owning a steel item which is rust free and friction free
  • stored efficiently - the can opener is compact and needs minimum care. this makes it quite efficient to store the device in any safe location. why not own one since it will not stress you when handling it?
  • manufactured and tested in the u.s.a- the can opener is manufactured with a lot of precision in the u.s.a.the latest technology was considered in the manufacture of the opener to ensure it meets all standards. it was scientifically tested in the u.s.a and it proved to be very efficient.

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