Bryco Baby Potty Training Step Stool - Set of Two - Two Step Design - Portable - Great for Potty Training at Home or Away




When your children are little, they learn, grow and develop more swiftly than parents can keep up with. Potty training is no different. When it comes time to transition from diapers to using the toilet, it doesn't have to be as hard as you think. Having a potty training step stool can help your child help themselves when it comes to learning how to use the toilet by giving them a little more independence. The Bryco Baby Potty Training Step Stool is here to make that possible for them. The Bryco Baby Potty Training Step Stool is a sturdy potty training toilet stool that sits against any toilet and features two steps that allow them to easily walk up to the toilet and sit down on their own. This two tiered design comes with soft grip rubber on both of the steps, making it safe for them to climb on their own without losing their footing. There are also slip resistant rubber grips on the feet on the bottom as well. The top step is wide and will provide a place for their feet to sit while they go to the bathroom. Not only can the Bryco Baby Potty Training Step Stool serve as a toddler potty training stool, it can also be used to help your little ones learn how to complete other tasks on their own, such as brushing their teeth or washing their hands. Thanks to its compact size and helpful carrying handles, this portable potty training stool helps your children continue to learn even when you are not at home. Help your children make the transition from diapers to potty training easily with this Bryco Baby Potty Training Step Stool. Click add to cart now.

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