Cat Brush & Dog Brush for Short and Medium Hair, Soft Reinforced Boar Bristle to Distribute Natural Oils, Condition the Coat and to Add Gloss and Shine to it, Pet Grooming Naturally, Brown 4.25"




  • 🐶 GROOMING AT ITS FINEST! Let’s be honest, most of us want our beautiful pets to be a positive reflection of us. One of the easiest ways to keep your adorable dogs and cats looking healthy and well-groomed, is using LA Beauty Labs grooming brush on their fur coats. The boar bristles remove shedding hair and distribute natural oils to condition your pet’s fur coat. They can walk proudly with a beautiful, smooth, shiny fur coat!
  • 💯 OUR BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHES WON’T SCRATCH… Unlike metal or nylon bristle brushes, our deluxe boar bristle brush won’t scratch, damage, or irritate your pet while brushing them. Make dog brushing a positive experience for you and your pet, using our premium boar bristle dog and cat brush. The extreme comfort and satisfaction derived is worth having the best brush!
  • ❤️ YOUR PET WILL LOVE OUR BRUSH! It’s remarkable how similar pets are to humans. You know that face you make when you get an incredible massage or an amazing back scratch? And never wanting it to end? That’s how your dog and cat will feel while you brush them with our LA Beauty Labs pet brush! They will go into a state of complete relaxation and contentment. Make sure to take a picture of the expression on their face!
  • 🎁 THE PERFECT GIFT FOR PET LOVERS! If you are shopping for friend who has a dog or cat that they treat like family, then you found the perfect gift with our pet brush! Our high-end Boar Bristle Pet Brush is the perfect thoughtful gift that your friend will love to use daily on her dog or cat. It’s actually really fun to use, and pets love how it feels!
  • 🏅 ENJOY OUR “SHINY FUR COAT” GUARANTEE! At LA Beauty Labs, we are determined to providing you with the best quality products and experience. If your pet doesn’t love being brushed with our luxurious brushes, and if you don’t notice an improvement in the shine of your pet’s fur coat, then we will provide you a full money-back refund. You can get your dog and cat brush with total confidence, knowing we provide the best!

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