Feit Electric BR40/DM/2500/3K/LED Electric Br40/Dm/2500/3K/L Dimmable Led Lamp, 36 W, 120 V, Bulged Reflector, 25000 Hr, BR40 Indoor

Feit ElectricSKU: BGO3641FVT



  • Brighter Lighting - energy efficient LED light for high ceilings, larger spaces or situations where you simply want more light. In addition, they have the added benefit of energy saving LED technology. This bulb’s Color temperature is 3000K with a warmer feeling perfect for bedrooms and living rooms; providing a traditional warm, cozy feel to them this is a great light bulb for recessed Lighting and outdoor security Lighting
  • Features - these high lumen dimmable light bulbs have a wide range of uses with instant on brightness They emit no ultraviolet light which makes it safe to use in rooms with artwork and photographs They are also 100% mercury free It replaces a 250W equivalent incandescent light bulb and produces 2500 lumens using only 30 watts of energy This BR40 shaped bulb with an E26 base has an average life of 25, 000 hours
  • Warm white - this light temperature is the warmest option that most closely resembles a standard incandescent bulb It is often used in areas like living rooms and casual areas The light has a Color temperature of 3000K, giving it a slightly yellow tint This light is perfect for living spaces where we want to relax and be comfortable, with slight yellow and warm feel
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