Giovanni Battista Langetti-The Good Samaritan



Giovanni Battista Langetti was from Genoa in 1635 where in began his art training at the Genoese parish in Santa Sabina and lived his later years in Venice until his death in 1676. He has many works of art in museums. He created a number of Good Samaritan art pieces that can be found in a number of museums around the world. There is a similar work to this painting at the Holburne Museum in Bath England, as well as another one called The Good Samaritan Attending to a Traveler at the Natural Trust Museum at Osterley Park. The Ecce Homo painting is at the Bolton Library and Museum in northwest England. Giovanni Battista Langetti is a world renowned painter with many works in European museums around the world. He is known for specializing in biblical heroes, prophets, and philosophers. Langetti’s style is dark shadowy and obscure with a saturated color palette, and he is known to create many dramatic compositions like this one. His work has been compared to Michelangelo Caravaggio and Giuseppe de Ribera. This is your chance to own a museum quality piece.

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