Golden Coast Unlimited Dog Car Accordion Folding Stairs - Metal Frame Collapsible Pet Ramp with Four Steps - Lightweight, Portable, Adjustable Ramp Ladder for Car, SUV, Truck, Couch, Bed

Golden Coast UnlimitedSKU: PJCF11MX1



  • COMPACT - This accordion style folding pet stair is the ideal device to help your senior or injured pets into the car or onto furniture. It folds down to the compact size of 19.6" x 14.5" x 4.75" so it can be stored easily in the trunk of the car without taking up much space.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - This collapsible staircase weighs less than 10 pounds, so it's very easy to lift in and out of a car, or carry from the car to the house. The stairs are highly portable!
  • DURABLE - Just because the stairs are light doesn't mean they're flimsy! These stairs are designed to support pets weighing up to 150 lbs. The sturdy, durable fabric steps are reinforced by aluminum rods on all 4 sides so they can take the load of your pet climbing and descending them.
  • STABLE - Several features of these stairs contribute to their stability. First, anti-slip rubber on the feet of the stairs ensures a solid, high-friction foundation. Next, 2 straps run along the sides of the stairs. These are adjustable to provide tension on the stairs when they are opened to ensure they open only to the desired length each time. Foam supports at the top of the stair case ensure it does not scuff the surface it rests on, while also providing stable contact.
  • DIMENSIONS - Step Size: 16.6"W x 7" tall. -Staircase Height: Adjustable from 20" to 30" -Closed Dimensions: 19.6"x14.5"x4.75"
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