Green Direct White Disposable Plastic Aprons for Kitchen Cooking - Serving, 10 Packs of 100




  • Plastic
  • These one time use poly aprons for women & for men are super kitchen aprons for home duties like cleaning, cooking, baking, food handling, and washing; perfect for outside like Gardening and more, the apron for everyday use. Try it once you will love it and never stop using it!
  • Keep your cafeteria, deli, or restaurant's employees' clothing clean with this 1 mil Extra Large, Extra Long, one time use polyethylene apron. Thanks to its waterproof design, this apron is great for servers, buzzers, and dishwashers who deal with wet or messy conditions over the course of their shift.
  • Are you doing your House Chores while getting all dirty? STOP it today, these poly aprons are designed with a durable makeup for tear resistance and high quality properties so you will be able to do your entire home and outdoor chores with the best quality aprons which will comfortably fit you and enable you to enjoy your cleaning and washing. They are chemical resistance so it will protect you and your clothes from harsh detergents, hot water, household cleaners, bleach & dye.
  • The box is conveniently designed for one at a time apron dispense. Each apron is neatly individually folded and while taking out your apron you will not have to touch the next one for utmost hygiene. It is the only 100 per Pack Poly Aprons that comes single folded in a neat fashion.
  • The Perfect Dimension for everyone: 28 inch width x 48 inch length. It is larger and longer than other brands to ensure utmost cleanliness to your clothing.
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