Homemaxs Tea Infuser 304 Stainless Steel Including 2 Mesh Tea Strainer & 1 Scoop with Double Folding Handles for Hanging on Teapots, Mugs, Cups




  • STAINLESS STEEL TEA INFUSER – made from FDA approved, 304 stainless steel, our tea strainer will last and last. It is the perfect addition to your tea or coffee bar as it is really easy to make tea for individual cups.
  • FEATURES A SPACE SAVING FOLDING HANDLE – take your tea steeper wherever you go as it folds up neatly to fit in your bag or purse. The long foldable handles keep you from burning your fingers and perfectly fit teapots, kettles, and various sized mugs.
  • SCOOP WITH CLIP INCLUDED – let your tea infuse without unwanted bits of tea falling into your cup. Our multifunctional scoop features an integrated bag clip, so you can add the perfect amount of tea to the basket. Just twist it to let your delicious cup of tea brew.
  • FINE MESH HOLES FOR LOOSE LEAF TEA – try our loose leaf tea infuser you’ll never want to use teabags again. Featuring extra fine mesh to trap finely sized loose tea leaves you are now able to enjoy all kinds of tea, even ones with super small particles.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED BASKET – the tea leaves in our wide barrel basket have enough room to circulate so tea infuses quickly. Regular tea infuser balls and other small infusers don’t offer this convenience. You can now make as much tea as you can drink in our easy to use infuser.

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