ikris Garden Hose Splitter 2-Way with Rubberized ComfortGrip

ikrisSKU: PJXZ573CO5



  • No Compromise Form and Function: Lead free, high-quality, rubber-coated splitter in an attractive design. Inside cover separates metal from water, and does the job with a touch of glamour
  • Easy Operation: Our ComfortGrip Levers allow a soft, seamless on-off operation compared to traditional handles. Simple to open/close, install and operate
  • No Leaks: Long and smooth thread with a rubber ring eliminates leaks completely. Full rubber coating makes working with the splitter easy in all kinds of weather.
  • Guaranteed 100%: We sell only high-quality products, and stand by them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us prove it to you today!

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