Projection Alarm Clock Radio - Koviti FM Radio Alarm Clock with Dimmer, Ultra Clear LED Digital Alarm Clock to Ceiling Wall, Dual Alarm Snooze Sleep Timer for Heavy Sleepers




  • ✅ [Projection Time Clock] –The digital alarm clock can project clear time onto the ceiling / wall or anyway you can glance the time easily. 180 swivel adjustable projector distance to 2-3m range with clear time display.
  • ✅ [FM Radio & Sleep Timer] –Koviti radio alarm clock boasts memory up to 20 programmable radio stations (76.0~108.0MHz), you can adjust the antenna position to receive stronger clear radio signal channels to reach to music, news, weather forcast. You can also set the clock sleep timer to listening the FM radio once the alarm on.
  • ✅ [Dual Alarm with Snooze] –Digital radio clock allow you to set two alarms to better wake you up. No trouble to set alarm time in every change. You can push down the snooze button to get a snap like 5~60 minutes.Then wake up you with radio stations or a buzzer.
  • ✅ [LED Backlight Clock with Dimmer] –Ultra 7'' clear large LED display alarm clock radio with adjustable low/high dimmer brightness level to easy read the time numbers. You can set the brighter light in daytime and dimmer at night.
  • ✅ [USB Charging port & Backup Memory Battery] –The USB output from the projection clocks allow you to charge any smartphones easily.You don’t have to set alarm times every change. The digital clock can remember the time setting once the clock was power chargerd. AC powered for functions of radio, alarm and time display, battery powered ensures the memory of all settings.
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