Refastmon Solar Powered Snake Repellent for Outdoors, Snake Away Thats Safe for Dogs, Electronic Snake Repellent, Solar Snake Repeller 4-Pack




  • VIBRATING SONIC SOUNDS-Our solar snake repellers send out vibrating sonic sounds. Snakes hate the vibrating sonic sounds and then will keep away from your yard and garden.
  • EXTENSIVE COVERAGE-The repellent emits sonic sounds in all directions, which covers an effective range of 6,000 square feet. When snakes feel the sonic sounds, they will be away from your yard and garden.
  • DURABILITY- Use of high-quality solar panels, made from waterproof and anti-corrosive materials,the snake away repellent Charge for 4 hours in the sunlight and works 24/7. Suitable for pests control in gardens, lawns.
  • 100% SAFE FOR HUMAN AND PET- 100% safe for pets and people, only to repel.
  • WATERPROOF-The snake repellent is suitable for all weather conditions. It is waterproof and rain-proof.
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