Sopito French Fries Cutter, Stainless Steel No Plastic For Homemade Chips/Fries




Prepare lovely, straight chips in seconds with the Master Class Stainless Steel French fry cutter. With its easy leverarm action, it only takes a gentle push to cut a potato into 36 perfectly sizedchips (or 64 French fries!). It’s so much easier than using a knife.


1. It is very important to suction the cutter and make sureno movement during using
2. The fry length is 3-1/2 inches at most, large potatoesshould be cut the ends off or cut it in half and then place the flat side downin the cutting bay
3. If need to make sweet potato fries, please microwave thesweet potato for 2 minutes or cook them slightly to soften it up
4. Blade maintenance: the blade aids cleaning after cutting 2or 3pcs potatoes and keep the blade dry

Easy to use:
1. Place the cutter on a flat work surface, and then push thehandle down
2. Align the corresponding pusher grid on the stainless steelplate and turn the knob to the left to lock into place
3. Cut the ends of the potato to make it easily balances onthe cutting board
4. Place a potato inside the main compartment, push down thelever/handle, and you'll get your perfect shaped sticks. ( please do notoverload the chute which causes it to block. Only load in slender potatoes orsimply cut hefty tubers in two.)

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