Strenuus Quick-Apply Gel-Padded Wraps for Boxing Gloves; Boxing Wraps; Kickboxing Wraps; Lightning-Fast Wrapping; Non-Slip Padding; Quick-Drying Fabric; Buy Now and Get Ready Faster Than Your Friends

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Color:: Red
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  • LIGHTNING FAST WRAPPING – be done wrapping and ready to go before your workout buddies have finished wrapping a single hand. Go ahead, rub it in. Run a few victory laps as you wait. Stretch. Play a game of Solitaire. Post a story on Instagram. Run a marathon. Eat a dozen doughnuts. Well, maybe not the doughnuts, but you do you! Seriously, though, these Strenuus Padded Wrist Wraps are way faster than regular boxing wraps!
  • NON-SLIP-GEL-PADDING – designed to keep the gel-padding on your knuckles. Don’t buy wraps that will slide off your knuckles onto your wrists as you hit. Who needs wrist padding, anyway? Strenuus Gel-Padded Wrist Wraps will keep the gel-padding where you need it so all you need to worry about is hitting the bag.
  • BREATHABLE QUICK-DRYING FABRIC – Strenuus Padded Wrist Wraps are made with high-quality neoprene and mesh, which dries quickly, so your wraps aren’t still soggy the next day. Because that is just ridiculously uncomfortable, right?! These things airdry quickly so you can get back to punching without the intense psychological discomfort of soggy wrist wraps. You’re welcome!
  • GEL PADDING CUSHIONS AGAINST KNUCKLE PAIN – it’s no surprise that repeatedly punching a bag or mitts can cause significant strain on your knuckles, leading to pain that can last for months. That’s not a great feeling. We get it. Strenuus Quick-Apply Gel-Padded Wrist Wraps can help ease that discomfort by adding a layer of gel padding to help cushion your knuckles as you punch.
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