The 8-in-1 bartenders kit | 24oz cocktail shaker with a full beverage preparation set for home & bar made drinks | stainless steel metal | leak proof cup | martini shaker set & mojito kit by Spirit




  • This bar shaker and its accessories are all you need to make any desirable & tasteful drink, at your home & at the bar - You can crush, mix, measure, and shake by using the professional bar accessories that can be seen only in fancy bars, and now at your home, as well.
  • The shaker’s lid is designed to remain completely sealed during the drink shaking in order not to spill some of the alcohol during preparation. Additionally, the shaker itself and the jigger are well polished and with no sharp edges, to prevent cuts.
  • The bartending set includes 8 items: 24oz black cocktail shaker, muddler, mixing spoon, 0.5/1 oz jigger, 2 pourers, 0.87 Inch bottle opener ring, Spirit branded fabric bag & a colorful recipes ebook.
  • It is a cocktail mixer that will make the drink preparation process so convenient, quick & fun that you’ll find yourself enjoying making a cocktail more than drinking it.
  • 1-year warranty + colorful recipes ebook for preparing the most popular drinks like Martini, Mojito, Margarita and more - And additional tips & ideas for more drinks that you can learn how to make on your own.

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