Wang Yaqin NFC RFID Magic Wearable Water Proof Smart Rings Universal for Android Windows Mobile Phone (10)


Size: 7"


  • NFC means near field communication technology , it enables NFC enabled device to communicate with each other , Such as smart phones smart rings smart rings are passive NFC facility , need an initiative NFC enabled device to write information into it , and this initiate NFC facility usually needs a NFC software to work with such as NFC TOOL PRO
  • When your rings are enchanted by you with NFC software. by touching the phone NFC signal area with the enchanted ring , to achieve the screen to unlock; application lock; quick start application; URL information and other functions, how powerful the software is how intelligent your rings will be.
  • Multi-function NFC smart ring, the main function is to store and exchange personal information, as well as mobile content and personal privacy encryption unlock, Quickly start the phone application screen lock, application lock set , just with a ring move, which makes you look like a magician . (support Samsung, Huawei, millet and other NFC-enabled mobile phones some phones with NFC hardware may need ROOT to activate NFC function)
  • Touch to share personal memorandum, you can store private information in the ring, you can also share the phone business card, WiFi password, graphic information, smart door lock access, can also be used as a private memo encryption lock\unlock and there are more functions waiting for you to explore
  • Ring with high sensitivity and beautiful look and mysterious appearance. NOW Place orders to be the Lord of your own rings and have your magic show on !

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