YouCare Breastfeeding Gel Pads| Hot & Cold Breast Therapy Ice Pack for Breastfeeding Relief | Decrease Sore Nipples, Boost Milk let-Down with Gel Bead Pads | Tender Care Hydrogel Pads - Pack of 2




  • ✔ Aid from Breastfeeding Problems: If you have recently become a mother or if you are a mother of two, you must have faced common breastfeeding problems. Our reusable gel packs are easy to use, can be worn under your bra and provide instant relief from pain.
  • ✔ Maternity Pads for Hot Therapy: These breastfeeding gel pads gently massage or warm your nipple before pumping and swiftly let down milk. It also relieves pain from blocked ducts, mastitis and milk blisters. Microwave the packs for the time period mentioned on your pack.
  • ✔ Relief from Pain and Engorgement: If you feel a swelling or pain from engorgement, our tender care hydrogel pads provide immediate relief from the ache. Additionally, they take the shape of your breasts for your comfort. Place the gel pads in freezer for a minimum of 2 hours.
  • ✔ Increase Milk Production: When you heat up the nursing nipple pads and place on your breasts, this signals the brain to let down milk and increase milk production therefore, reducing your pumping time. Insert the pads in the covers and snap onto any breast pump flanges.
  • ✔ Money-back Guarantee: Mothers have always held a special place for YouCare. We understand your importance and use the best of materials to manufacture every product. If you don’t love our product we will buy it back from you – no questions asked.

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